Pseudocheilinus hexataenia - Sixstriped Wrasse

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Pseudocheilinus hexataenia - Sixstriped Wrasse


The Sixstriped Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) is a really popular fish for saltwater aquariums thanks to its easy keeping.
It measures approximately 7 to 8 cm when mature while the characteristic and eponymous six stripes make the Pseudocheilinus hexataenia a real eye catcher. Although the Sixstriped Wrasse may be a little shy at first it is a very vital fish that likes to swim around in the aquarium.
In general the Pseudocheilinus hexataenia is, just like all Wrasses, really easy to care and the feeding is unproblematic. The omnivorous fish can be both fed with frozen and live foods (for example Mysis, Artemia, Calanus, mussel meat, lobster eggs and zooplankton) as well as flakes and granular feeds.
Despite the easy care some points must be considered when keeping the Wrass:
The marine aquarium should contain at least 350 liters so the fish have enough swimming space. The water must be very rich in oxygen and have a temperature of 22 - 27°C. In addition a reef construction with enough hiding places should be present because the Wrasse likes to stay close to reefs.
Moreover the Sixstriped Wrasse is considered as aggressive, which makes it complicated to add new fish to the tank. Observations have shown that this aggressive behavior can be reduced when the animals are kept as pairs or in groups.
Another interesting feature of Sixstriped Wrasses is that they can help to fight combat parasites like Acropora flatworms and turbellarians, but the fish shouldn‘t be added to the aquarium just for this purpose, because there is no guarantee for this behavior.

The most important facts about Sixstriped Wrasses at a glance:

Latin Name: Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
Common Name: Sixstriped Wrasse
Adult Size: 7 - 8 cm
Aquarium Size: from 350 litres
Feeding: frozen or live food (e.g. Mysis, Artemia, Calanus, mussel meat, lobster eggs, zooplankton), flakes, granular feeds
Temperature: 22 - 27°C
Care Level: easy
Temperament: aggressive, recommended to keep as pairs or in groups
Notes: eats planaria and other parasites

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