Tridacna Clams

Tridacna- clams with the concise German name giant clam are a desirable collector‘s item for connoisseurs and passionate marine aquarium caretakers. Originally they came from countries near the equator like Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji Islands and Red sea. What makes these enormous but graceful mollusks so special? We have compiled a series of features and maintenance conditions for Tridacna clams which should show you that Tridacna maxima (also available as Tridacna XL at or Tridacna crocea would prove to be an asset for your marine aquarium.
Tridacna Clams

About the color of Tridacna clams

"Ultra colored with a big, colored coat! "

Tridacnas are distinguished due to their large, colourful coats. These coats are coloured in all possible blue shades and patterns. From above they mostly appear greenish-turquoise. If one notes Tridacnas from the side of aquarium glass, the perceived colour changes to a bluish shade. Tridacna maxima grows very slowly and is 30 cm long on an average. However they reach these sizes only after many years. Tridacna 'Teardrop' belongs to the very popular newly imported colour variants where these new species belong to the class Tridacna noae and are no more related to Tridacna maxima.

Feeding, maintenance, lighting and water flow

Tridacnas feeds both through symbiotic algae, zooxanthella as well as through filtration where they eat dissolved organic substances. Especially small Tridacnas can be fed actively by adding phytoplankton. You can find a collection of suitable feed for Tridacna-clams in our accessories area. The giant clams should be kept in a strongly lighted location is the most important maintenance recommendation for Tridacnas. Regarding colour, Tridacnas exists best in a mix light of 50% blue and 50% white. Good water parameters and a retracted tank are an additional pre-requisite for the long maintenance of a mussel in the marine aquarium. Here you will find additional maintenance - and care instructions for Tridacna maxima and giant clams.

Tridacnas in different sizes for every tank size

Few wrasses have the feature to pick on the coats of Tridacnas in the aquarium. However there can be a risk in the bottom for living mollusks like bristle worms. This can damage the mussel in its sensitive Bysuss gland. We recommend to set mussel on a separate rock or the mussel holder offered by us where the mussel attaches independently.

Buy Tridacna maxima

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