Polyphyllia is a genus of stony corals in the family Fungiidae. There are two described species of these cnidarians, Polyphyllia talpina and Polyphyllia novaehiberniae, which are distributed in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. In English, the animals are called "slipper coral". In contrast to other mushroom corals like Fungia or Cycloseris, their elongated tongue shape is conspicuous, similar to Herpolitha. Polyphyllia, however, unlike Herpolitha, has no visible axial groove in the middle. They occur in the same habitat as Fungia - free living on sandy substrates. They have low water quality requirements like other LPS, and require weak to medium lighting and a medium strong, but never direct current. Feeding is not necessary due to their zooxanthellae, but in principle possible.

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