Mix-Rocks and Packs

Our Mixrocks are mostly the so called „crafted Rocks“. On the basis of live rock and/or artificial rock, countless coral species are glued by hand as frags. After some time they grow together with each other so strongly that an unbelieveable colour variety is shown.

Due to the multiplicity of species, our Mixrocks are very popular because they naturally have a high price advantage compared to individual purchase of frags. Also with new setups of nano-tanks and big aquariums, Mixrocks are gladly used as first stock.

Mostly seen are Mixrocks with lots of different popular Ultra Zoanthus crust anemones frags like e.g. Ultra Zoanthus Watermelon, Ultra Zoanthus Pink Panther, Ultra Zoanthus Massacre, Ultra Zoanthus Limeburst, Ultra Zoanthus Superman, Ultra Zoanthus Solar, Ultra Zoanthus Eclipse and lots more!

Soft corals like Sinularia and Clavularia species and disc anemones are often found on the Mixrocks compiled by our experts.

Like all our corals, we also ship Mixrocks and corals to our customers all over Europe. By using Mixrocks due to the large quantity of corals and rocks, depending on the tank size it is possible that the nitrate value grows slightly. Add preventive bacteria like NYOS Bacs.
Mix-Rocks and Packs


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