Favites is a genus of brain coral and is classified as a large polyp stony coral. It is a species-rich genus with a wide distribution in the Indo-Pacific region from the Red Sea to Japan and Fiji. There are about 20 different species. They usually have smaller polyps that share a common wall with adjacent polyps, although those with a clear separation also exist. Differentiation from other brain corals such as Favia corals or Goniastrea corals is therefore difficult, especially on live animals.

A typical species is Favites pentagona, the so-called "War Coral", which owes its warlike name to the formation of fighting tentacles. Also other stony coral color morphs like "Two Face" or "Fascination" are very popular in the aquarium hobby. These corals have low maintenance requirements for lighting, food and equipment and are therefore very suitable for beginners as a first stony coral when stocking the tank. They also cope well with higher nutrient levels. They like medium to low light and medium flow.

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