Pseudopterogorgia is a genus of horn corals. Their distribution area is mainly the Caribbean. As the name suggests, they are similar to Pterogorgia, but their polyps are distributed over the entire branch, while Pterogorgia forms only two strictly defined rows. Like other gorgonians, they have a flexible horny skeleton made of the black gorgonine, over which the tissue with skeletal needles typical of soft corals (Alcyonia) is stretched. Pseudopterogorgia are usually feathery branched, with a central stem from which smaller opposite side branches branch off, lying in a plane. They are often grayish brown to purple in color.

They require moderately clean water and strong lighting. It is important to have a steady flow, preferably laminar past the animal. They feed on light via their zooxanthellae, but can also be fed fine plankton.

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