Turbinaria is a genus of large polyp stony corals and belong to the family Dendrophylliadae, together with e.g. Tubastrea or Duncanopsammia. They are found in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Japan and the southern Pacific. Usually the skeletons grow in lettuce leaf like pagodas, the shape is often mushroom or chalice shaped, the polyps are often deeply embedded in the skeleton. It is a zooxanthellate coral that feeds on light with its symbiotic algae. Like many LPS, it displays its polyps at night to catch plankton and can be fed powdered or frozen foods. They are hardy and do well with both higher nutrient levels and weaker lighting, making them attractive to beginners. Due to their shape, you will need a strong enough current to prevent sediment buildup and tissue damage. Commonly available species are Turbinaria reniformis with small polyps in yellow to green and brown or purple tissue, or Turbinaria peltata, mostly turquoise green, with larger polyps with clearly visible tentacles.


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