Rhodactis is a genus of corallimorphs, also known as mushroom anemones, together with Discosoma and Ricordea species. Distinguishing between Rhodactis and Discosoma is easy - Rhodactis are usually irregularly oval shaped and have a distinct tentacular crest on the outer edge. Rhodactis often have outgrowths on their body in the form of warts, villi or even bubbles, which are called pseudotentacles. A particular variation on this is that under certain lighting situations and nutrient levels, these can become conspicuously inflated - which is referred to as a "bounce", or "bouncing".

These so-called "bounce mushrooms" are extremely popular. In nature, this variation occurs primarily in populations that grow in shade; in the aquarium, extremely deep blue-heavy, low-level lighting with high nutrient levels is conducive and often enhances the effect. The species that readily form bounce shapes are also referred to as "proto bounce" mushrooms. In principle, however, many disc anemone species (including Discosoma and Ricordea) can "bounce". Because of their shaggy appearance Rhodactis are also called "Persian carpet", which should be avoided in the product name by online retailers with Paypal as payment method, because there are trade embargos against the genuine article, as we had to find out. Besides the bounce mushrooms, the "fuzzy" species with long pseudotentacles or contrasting colored variants like "Superman" are very popular.

Rhodactis make only low demands on water parametrrs, ideally they are kept at higher nutrients. The current is rather secondary, if the animals do not like it, they may move a few cm further. With the light one must be careful that Rhodactis do not burn - they are best kept extremely shady, above all the expensive variants tolerate only dim light of approx. 20-30 PAR. Rhodactis reproduce by division, offshoots are best separated with the underlying rock.

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