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After the arrival of your order you have the possibility to fill out our complaint form if there are any complaints by the end of the day. Use this period to inspect the received animals for damage and report all irregularities. Complaints must be sent to us in writing via our complaint form.

Please pack the animals into your aquarium and acclimate them if necessary. Also put stricken animals into your aquarium in any case.

If you aren‘t sure whether a coral has been damaged by transport put it in the tank for a few hours for observation. Many animals recover again.

In the case of complaint please take significant photos of the animal that show the damage clearly. Photos of cloudy water are not significant. Cloudy water is often harmless. Avoid photos in blue light. Take the animal out of the water, if necessary, and photograph it in white light. We reserve the right to request further pictures of the animals or of the skeleton (even after a few days in case of stricken animals). Please keep the skeletons (in the case of soft corals the frag or live rock) until we have completed the complaint handling.

Important Points
The live arrival guarantee applies in particular only if the following points have been followed: Check your given shipping address in the order confirmation mail. We assume no liability if the package can‘t be delivered due to a wrong address. If you want to change a delivery address before we are sending the order, please call us by all means (+49(0)711-400 911 - 0). We can‘t guarantee timely changes by e-mail.

Delayed Delivery
If a package is delivered delayed by the delivery service nevertheless the possibility of acceptance must be ensured. Also wet or damaged packages must be accepted in any case. There is always a chance that the animals are still alive and recover completely. A complaint is only possible if the delivery has been accepted.

Unsuccessful Delivery
If delivery is not successful, please contact UPS at the following number: +49 1806 882 663. Keep the tracking number on hand and inform the nice staff on the phone about the problem. Point out that the package should be delivered again today or inquire about alternatives, e.g. collecting the package in a branch of the deliveryman. If you can’t solve the problem or need assistance you can contact us of course.

Absence During Delivery
We always provide your phone number but nevertheless there is no guarantee that the deliveryman will call. If you aren‘t available for delivery at short notice please leave a note for the deliveryman about an alternative delivery option.

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