Dofleinia is a genus of predatory sea anemones. It is monotypic with the single species Dofleinia armata, the "Armed Anemone " or also "Striped Anemone". Occasionally, specimens from Southeast Asia enter the trade, but more as bycatch than purposefully. Their distribution is from Australia to Indonesia and the Philippines. For aquarium care, the animals are rather insignificant and less interesting, except for specialists, especially because the tentacles can reach up to 50 cm in length and the animals are known for their particularly strong sting. In addition to other aquarium inhabitants such as fish and invertebrates, the aquarist himself is also at risk, as stings can sometimes cause injuries that take several months to heal. Gloves are therefore strongly recommended when handling. The animals usually live in intertidal areas in reefs or mangrove forests, sometimes also on mud and sand flats. They do not possess zooxanthellae and should be actively fed.

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