Lithophyllon is a genus of stony corals and belongs to the family of mushroom corals (Fungiidae). The family Fungiidae is currently in the midst of a taxonomic upheaval, whereby e.g. classic species like Lithophyllon mokai are now assigned differently, to Cycloseris. Conversely, a lot of species formerly assigned to Fungia have now ended up in the genus Litophyllon. To make the chaos complete, the conservation authorities have not yet followed suit, which means that many of the species still have to be traded under their old names - if you don't want problems with customs. Lithophyllon were mainly substrate-bound LPS that grew as colonies. Now they are mostly solitary polyps living freely on sandy areas... at least the husbandry is still mostly the same: moderate to low light, moderate current, and gladly a bit more nutrients.

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