Psammocora is a genus of stony corals and belongs to the Small Polyp Scleractinaria (SPS). Most conspicuous is their velvety surface, where no individual polyps are visible without a really close look. Some special color forms have color-contrasting oral discs, which makes the structure clearly visible. Orange to golden solid colored animals are common, or blue-gray to green. The growth margins may also be contrasting in color.

Psammocora are SPS, but in requirements they are close to LPS - they do well with higher nutrient levels and do not require extreme light - this makes them ideal in principle for first time SPS stock and beginners, but their growth is rather atypical for SPS - often encrusting or massive, rarely coarsely branching. They are well suited for placement on overhangs or vertical surfaces and for other shaded areas in an SPS-dominated reef.


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