WhiteCoins bonus points information

With every order in our shop you receive bonus points, so-called WhiteCoins. WhiteCoins are bonus points that you can redeem from 1.000 points for orders (min after 14 days) and save money.
You can see your balance in the upper right area of ​​the homepage or on your personal page.

Requirements to receive WhiteCoins:

You receive WhiteCoins in our shop for the following actions:

1. For a purchase that you make for your own account, you will receive 1 WhiteCoin for every 1€ from a shopping cart value of 10€.
2. For a purchase via your friend link you will receive 1 WhiteCoin for every 1€ from a shopping cart value of 10€ of your friend.
3. You will receive 50 WhiteCoins for a product review after validation.

The WhiteCoins can be redeemed at the earliest after 14 days (for orders) or after activation by the administrators (for reviews) directly in the shopping cart. 

Your WhiteCoins will be activated after the cancellation period of 14 days and can then be redeemed. If the order is cancelled, the WhiteCoins will also be cancelled. If WhiteCoins are not redeemed, they expire after one year. A payout is not possible.

Exchange rate of WhiteCoins

1 WhiteCoin corresponds to EUR 0.01.

Example: If you have collected 1000 WhiteCoins, you can redeem them with an order and receive a 10 EUR discount.

Legal notice: The whiteoins are a voluntary additional service to which there is no legal entitlement.
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