Australomussa was a former LPS coral genus that was monotypic with the sole species Australomussa rowleyensis - because nowadays, the species - after a short excursion to the genus Parascolymia – has been rolled into the genus Lobophyllia as Lobophyllia rowleyensis. So strictly speaking, Australomussa do not exist anymore. Practically, however, the species is still present at the CITES level, because the species definitions of the authorities always lag a few years behind the taxonomists, so the name remains with us in the trade. After all, we have no desire for lengthy discussions with customs or inspectors as to why we are "smuggling" and reselling Australomussa as Lobophyllia.

Australomussa occur in several color variations, with the greatest diversity at the northern end of their range in Indonesia. There the species is now even propagated in mariculture. It is easy to make frags, which usually grow vigorously - as long as you have a coral saw. Little demands are made to the water quality, nutrient-rich water is preferred and the KH should not drop too strongly. The lighting should be dimly weak, because the animals can burn easily.

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