Pterogorgia is a genus of horn corals and is classified as a gorgonian. They consist of a black horny skeleton of gorgonine and their tissue covering this is interspersed with sclerites - fine calcareous needles, as in other Alcyonidae soft corals. They are distributed mainly in the Caribbean. Their growth is usually feathery branched, the branches are usually all in one plane. Conspicuous are the flattened tentacles, on each side of which sits a row of polyps - therefore they are also called knife gorgonians - currently 4 confirmed species are accepted: Pterogorgia anceps, Pterogorgia guadalupensis, Pterogorgia citrina and Pterogorgia antillarum. Color is mostly beige to purple, with P. citrina ranging from beige to yellow. Lighting should be strong, as

Pterogorgia have zooxanthellae and can photosynthesize. Supplemental feeding is not needed, but is accepted. Water quality should be good, though horn corals are generally hardy. The flow should ideally be strong and laminar, so evenly applied to all points of the animal.

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