LPS - Acanthastrea

Ultimate Acanthastrea are LPS corals, mostly scientific Acanthastrea lordhowensis, rarely Acanthastrea bowerbanki or even Acanthastrea echinata and are characteized by their noted easy handling and extremely beautiful colours. They belong to the LPS corals. As zooxanthellae hard corals they mainly live on light where the stored single-celled algae, the so called zooxanthellae, runs the process of photosynthesis. Especially popular are the red and orange Acanthastrea; also scientifically popular due to their unique colour gradient Rainbow Acans. They exist very rarely in the market and are thus much enquired about. On the saltwater-aquarium thank the regular feeding for example with powdered foods like NYOS Reef Pepper for a relatively rapid colony formation. Especially at night or when the water water flow is low, they show their tentacles and try to catch the zooplankton. Zooplankton preparations like Plankton, Calanus (e.g. Goldpods) Mysis (e.g. Chromys) and Artemia (e.g. Artemis) are perfectly suitable for feeding the acans. To feed them, best is to switch off the water flow for a couple of minutes and give food to the polyps directly with a pipette. A feeding 1-2 times every week is completely sufficient.

Acanthastrea water parameters, water flow and lighting

"The most colorful corals: Acanthastrea "

Water flow

The water flow should be low to medium but in no case direct. Blue - and LED light in the aquarium strengthens the colourfulness enormously. Acanthastrea requires a medium lighting level and can thus also be located in the lighter areas at ground level. Regarding the phosphate- and nitrate values, acans are not demanding like the SPS corals. The most important water parameters should however be maintained and particular attention needs to be given on a stable carbonate hardness above 6.

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