Capnella is a genus of tree soft corals, the best known representative of which is the Kenya tree Capnella imbricata. The corals got the popular name because they were often exported from East African countries, but they are also found in Indonesia and the rest of the Indian Ocean. Kenia Tree Capnella imbricata are hardy and fast growing soft corals, especially when nutrient supply is high. Sometimes they become a nuisance due to their fast growth - single arms can even detach and reattach elsewhere.

Propagation of the Capnella coral is easily possible via frags - simply cut them off with a ceramic knife or similar and clamp them in a stone crevice or pin them down with a syringe needle and a piece of tubing as a stopper.

Often the color is a hard to define grayish-purple-brown, with some specimens being greenish or yellowish. The color intensity often diminishes greatly when the specimens are fully open and expanded.

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