Briareum is a genus of soft corals that resemble stolonifera in appearance, but are actually classified as horn corals or gorgonians because of their skeletal structure. Briareum grow primarily in a encrusting pattern over hard substrates such as rocks or coral skeletons. The tissue is usually fleshy beige to pink, the tentacles and polyps often fluorescent green, sometimes with a white oral disc. Therefore, it is also referred to in English as the "Green Star Polyp".
In Briareum violaceum, which is often sold - including by us - under the synonym "Pachyclavularia", all tissue is instead distinctly purple. The polyps clearly show why this species belongs to the Octocorallia, the eight-stranded flower animals - they each have eight pinnate tentacles.

Briareum are popular soft corals for aquarium care because they are very easy to keep, have an attractive green coloration and move in the current. They have few water quality requirements and like increased nutrients, tolerating weak to stronger lighting and strong currents. They can reproduce quickly and tend to proliferate if conditions are right, which is something to be aware of when placing them. After stress, the polyps can sometimes remain closed for several days, but as long as the coral is not in the process of dissolving, it is usually still alive.

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