Micromussa is a genug of large polyp stony corals. It belongs to the Lobophyllidae family, which also includes Acanthastrea, Lobophyllia, Scolymia (Homophyllia), Cynarina and several other species. The most famous and at the same time most unknown representative is Micromussa lordhowensis, which is still traded as Acanthastrea lordhowensis, mainly due to the eternally lagging CITES regulations - byx us, as well. Furthermore, you sometimes come across species like M. amakuensis or M. regularis.

In shape Micromussa are massive colonies with fleshy polyps, which have a distinct margin. The colorfulness in particular makes them popular in marine aquariums. They require a weak current and low lighting and love elevated nutrient levels. They can be fed quite well selectively with pellets or frozen food. For best coloration, there should be a significant amount of blue light.

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