Macrodactyla is a monotypic genus of anemones, with the corkscrew anemone Macrodactya doreensis as the only described species. Its range is restricted to the Indian Ocean from Sumatra and Java throughout Indonesia to the Great Barrier Reef and the Ryukyu Islands and Vietnam. Thus, it has only a very small distribution area compared to other symbiose anemones. It is named after the often corkscrew-like rolled tentacles, which can also be straight depending on the individual. Relative to other anemones it often has less tentacles. The reddish foot with regular small tubercles is another good identifying feature. It can reach a wingspan of up to 50 cm, but usually remains a bit smaller. Common colors are brown to green or purple, more rarely with white tentacle tips or stripes. For habitat, it actually likes to bury its foot in the sand, so it tends to attach itself to rocks in the bottom area of a tank. Its natural symbiotic partners are the Mauritius anemonefish (Amphiprion chrysogaster), Clark's anemonefish (A. clarkii) and the collared anemonefish (A. perideraion).

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