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Amphiprion akallopisos - Skunk Clownfish

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Amphiprion akallopisos - Skunk Clownfish

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The Skunk Clownfish (Amphiprion akallopisos) stands out from many other anemone fish species in terms of its pattern and body shape, except for its orange coloration. However, its behavior is just like its relatives, living in groups or pairs in symbiosis with an anemone. The largest and dominant individual in a group becomes the female. Natural host anemones include Heteractis magnifica and Stichodactyla mertensii, but other species of anemones and anemone-like corals are also commonly accepted. Like all clownfish, they are easy to care for and have no issues with feeding.

Latin name: Amphiprion akallopisos
English name: Skunk Clownfish
Adult size: Up to 10 cm
Aquarium size: Minimum 100 liters
Feeding: Omnivorous - Accepts both dry and frozen foods such as Mysis and Artemia
Temperature: 24-28 °C
Difficulty level: Beginner-friendly
Compatibility: Compatible with other peaceful fish species, but territorial towards conspecifics
Special features: Deviates from other anemone fish species in pattern and body shape, lives in symbiosis with anemones, the dominant individual in a group becomes the female, accepts various species of anemones and anemone-like corals.

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