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Chrysiptera taupou - Fiji Blue Devil

Pseudanthias tuka - Yellowstriped fairy basslet

Neoglyphidodon nigroris - Black-and-gold chromis

Chrysiptera annulata - Footballer Demoiselle

Chrysiptera cyanea - Blue Damselfish

Pomacentrus philippinus - Philippine Damsel

Chrysiptera springeri - Blue Sapphire Damselfish

Neopomacentrus cyanomos - Regal demoiselle

Pseudanthias flavoguttatus

Pseudanthias hypselosoma - Stocky anthias

Chromis insolata - Sunshine Chromis

Stegastes leucostictus - Beau Gregory

Chrysiptera rex - Rex Demoiselle

Pseudanthias bartlettorum - Bartletts Anthias

Apogon maculatus - Flamefish

Anthias & Perciformes

Keeping damsel fish and Anthias

 "Harem or solo? It depends... "

 Generally there are exceptions of ruffians in the damsel fish like pseudoanthias-species – please be informed before buying!

Feeding of anthias & damsel fish

Anthias feed on plankton which they usually get in open water. They eat continuously in the sea, in the same manner, they should be fed often during the day. Once they are familiar with the aquarium live, then it is easy to keep anthias P. squamipinnis by feeding just ca. two times a day. We recommend NYOS Goldpods for all anthias which can be added through a dosing pump several times a day. The change to new food habits can be very tricky for few species like P. ventralis or P. Tuka in which case these species are recommended only to experienced aquarists. Anthias sold in our shop accept frozen food very well. Please ask for feed varieties used for individual species.

Tanksize and behaviour

Anthias have a very interesting swimming behaviour which can be observed only in aquariums upto 500l. Each harem consists of one male fish with several female fish in a different hierarchy. If the male anthias dies or has become weak due to some disease, the highest-ranking female fish converts to a male within few months.

Buy and order anthias online

When ordering online, you can select anthias at Whitecorals: Either you decide directly for a harem with one male and several females which we can arrange for you. Alternatively, you can order females only out of which the highest -ranking would convert to male. Please do not add two males in one tank.

Problems and diseases in anthias: Pop eyes

In addition to the somewhat tricky feeding during familiarization, the male anthias are susceptible to so called „Pop eyes“. This is due to the intra-species ranking in the harem and stress in the tank. In nature, this would cause death of the animal. In the aquarium the swelling rebuilds often, sometimes even leading to blindness. A good and vitamin-rich food and limited stress in the tank supports the healing process.
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