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Theiling rollermat Compact 3 Aqua

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product description

Theiling rollermat Compact 3 Aqua

With the Rollermat  Compact I contaminants are removed from the aquarium water, which relieves the biological filter. The result is clear water and healthy fish. The water is filtered through a fine fleece and automatically passed on from a roll. The pores of the fleece are so fine that many single-cell parasites can be held back.

How it works:

The polluted water is fed into the dirt chamber through the inlet. That’s what happens

fleece and flows & nbsp; back to the filter sump. If the fleece is loaded with dirt, the water throughput through the fleece is reduced and the water level in the dirt chamber rises.

As soon as a certain water level is reached, a float switch switches on the gear motor and the fleece is wound a little further. Fully automatic! Depending on the amount of dirt in the aquarium, a roll of fleece will last 3–6 months. If it is dirty, it must be replaced with a new one.

The fleece is very fine. Even the smallest particles are retained. The dirt is removed from the system before it biodegrades. This relieves the biofilter and the skimmer in the saltwater aquarium.

Is the take-up roll full - or the dispenser roll empty - & nbsp; it can simply be removed from the filter and replaced.


Features of the Rollermat Compact I :

  • Efficient mechanical & nbsp; Filtering through a fine fleece
  • Automatic further transport of soiled fleece
  • Easy roll change
  • The roll has a width of 10cm and allows a
    Water throughput up to 2000l / hour - depending on the water quality
  • Minimal power consumption, on average less than 0.1W.
  • 12V safety voltage
  • Dimensions: 30 cm wide, 52 cm high (with base), depth 22 cm  Height without base: 46 cm. Base area when installing without a base: 14 x 13 cm

When installing, another 10 cm must be added to the height so that the roller can be changed easily. When installed in the filter tank, the water level must not rise higher than 10 cm.

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