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Nano reef aquariums - Daniel Knop (Language: german)

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Nano reef aquariums - Daniel Knop (Language: german)

Nano-Riffaquarien (Daniel Knop) (German)

In nano-reef aquariums fascinating forms of life are brought into the foreground, which are hardly or only rarely noticed in a "normal" aquarium. The viewer of a nano-reef aquarium experiences how corals grow and observes how other small and tiny invertebrate animals or fishes deny their life day.

The new process, developed by Daniel Knop and presented in this book, also enables the maintenance of the smallest marine aquariums, which can be placed everywhere! This book informs sophisticated and advanced aquarists understandably and entertainingly about the establishment and care of the magical nano-reef aquariums as well as the appropriate selection of animals. It deals with the following topics:

  • What is a nano reef aquarium?
  • How robust is a nano reef aquarium?
  • The reef pillar nano aquarium
  • Water flow, gas exchange and filtration
  • Set up a nano reef aquarium
  • Fixation of coral fragments
  • Maintenance and Care
  • Algae for oxygen supply
  • Recommended animals for the nano aquarium

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