D-D Heating and cooling regulator

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D-D Heating and cooling regulator

The D-D dual heating and cooling controller allows an autonomous heating and cooling of your aquarium tank, so that temperature fluctuations are a thing of the past. The seawater-resistant temperature sensor automatically determines the temperature and autonomously activates the heating element or the air cooler. The controller has plug-and-play, so no cabling or annoying installation processes are needed.

Technical specifications:
Display: 95mm x 50mm x 15mm
Control connector: 160mm x 70mm x 45mm
Temperature measuring range: -40 - 99 ° C
Setting range of the temperature difference: 0,3 - 16,0 ° C
Alarm functional range: 0,5 - 5 ° C of Setpoint temperature
Resolution 0,1 ° C
Accuracy ± 1 ° C (-30 - 50 ° C)
Stromversorgung 220VAC ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz
Operating humidity range: 20% - 85%
Power consumption: 3W
Operating temperature range: -10 - 60 ° C

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