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Aqua Medic Heat Controller duo II

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product description

Aqua Medic Heat Controller duo II

Aqua Medic Heat Controller duo II is a digital temperature measuring and control device for the joint control of rod heaters and ground floor heating systems. With this device you are able to continuously measure and regulate the temperature of the aquarium water and to ensure a flow through the substrate. The measuring and switching accuracy is 0.1 ºC. The setpoint can be set in 0.1 ºC steps in the range of 0 - 50 ºC and is regulated to an accuracy of 1 ° C. The maximum total switching capacity for the heater and floor heating is 1,200 watts. Thanks to the integrated double socket, a heating element and a floor heater can be connected at the same time. The Aqua Medic Hheat Controller duo II is equipped with a permanently connected temperature sensor. The LCD display provides information about the current temperature, the time and the switching status of the connected devices at any time. The heating cable is clocked by a timer, the clock rate can be freely selected. If the desired setpoint is not reached, the rod heater switches on. In order to avoid overheating, both heaters are switched off as soon as the setpoint is exceeded by an adjustable value.

technical data Aqua Medic Heat Controller duo II:

Display: 0.1 °C

Measuring range: 0-50 °C

Resolution: 0.1 °C

Max. Switching capacity: 1200 W.

Control range: 0-50 °C

Control accuracy: +/- 1 °C

built-in battery stores the data in the event of a power failure

Dimensions control part: 110x50x20 mm

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