Cleaning Crew Pack - Mega (up to 500 liters)

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Cleaning Crew Pack - Mega (up to 500 liters)

Cleaning Crew Pack for large aquariums (up to about 500 liters) - aids the prevention of algae growth and the disposal of leftovers from feeding.

Consists of:
35x Hermit Crab (Calcinus laevimanus or Clibanarius sp.)
25x Algae-Eating Snails (Nerita sp./Tectus sp. or other species)
15x Burrowing Sand Snails (Cerithium sp./Nassarius sp.)
1x Sea Urchin (various algae-eating species)

The exact species vary with availability. If you want, we can send you a large snail, starfish, sanddollar or something similar instead of the sea urchin, provided it's available - please let us know via the comment field at the end of your order.
Unfortunately we're unable to fullfil specific wishes for snails and hermit crabs.

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