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Paguristes cadenati - Red Reef Hermit

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Paguristes cadenati - Red Reef Hermit

The Red Reef Hermit is a rarer Caribbean hermit species which is particularly noticeable by its attractive red coloration. The animals stay quite small and are therefore also suitable for nano aquariums. Towards other animals they are absolutely peaceful.

Hermits are an important part of the "cleaning crew" in every marine water aquarium. They clean sand and stones from algae and eat food remains and dead animals before they can strain the water.

The first hermit crabs and snails can be put about two weeks after starting the tank (normally the beginning of the green algae phase) with live rock into the aquarium. There should always be some additional snail shells for changing - while it makes no difference if these are from land or water snails. 


Scientific name: Paguristes cadenati
Popular name: Reed Reef Hermit
Maximum size: 4 cm
Tank size: from 10 liters
Difficulty: very easy
Compatibleness: peaceful
Recommendation: keep one animal per 10 liters
Feed: algae, fish feed (remains), detritus, carrion, fruits, vegetables 

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