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How to keep your fish alive and well


Seawater fish are subjected to very stressful conditions, especially when they are taken out of their natural habitat and are put into a closed environment, like an aquarium. Aquariums cannot recreate a natural milieu like that of the ocean that is very much needed for keeping the fish healthy. Stress is the reason for fish to get sick from infections, bacteria and parasites that are always present in water. Any aquarists has to check the water on regular basis for components, which may cause harm to fish. Filtration is also crucial for maintaining good water quality. You can filter water through a UV sterilizer, which terminates any germs, bacteria and parasites, which go through the sterilizer. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate should be kept as well at a minimum.

You cannot get rid of ammonia completely. It comes from excretions of fish and invertebrates. More ammonia comes from the rest of the food that is floating around and from dead animals. Nitrite and nitrate can be absorbed by special algae. Skimmers bind redundant protein and important vitamins as well. Because of this we recommend adding some vitamins and amino acids on regular basis.

Even the best aquarists cannot keep the fish healthy all the time. Murky or yellow water suggests an increase of unwanted substances. Bad smell is also a bad sign. A water and sand change is due when you find blue and red algae in your tank.

There is no universal remedy for curing all fish diseases. Thus, foresight and prevention is very important. You cannot eliminate all bacteria in the water but you can make it hard or nearly impossible for them to get hold of your animals.

If you are interested in the use of products that are designed especially for combating and preventing infectious diseases in fish then read along. We collected some useful information on the common diseases that occur in most of seawater aquariums:

Cryptocaryon irritans or better known as "marine ich" is a white-spot illness, that is well known amongst all aquarium hobbyists. For example, you can use the Dr. Bassleer Anti-Ich-Method in order to get rid of the nasty parasites. You will need to use "Protomor" for approximately a week together with "Dr. Bassleer biofish food matrine". This special food helps fish to strengthen the mucous membrane of the skin that leads to more protection. You also have to increase temperature by 2 – 3 °C (to 26 – 28 °C) and ensure high oxygen levels. The efficiency of filtration should be increased by higher flow. Very important is siphoning the bottom of the aquarium in the morning and evening. If possible try to maintain a constant light source day and night but only if no animals take harm from overexposure.

Ichtyosporidium hoferi is a fungus that attacks internal organs of fish. The fish loses weight over a short period of time and changes his swimming behavior. The fins looks like they have been cut to shreds and the eyes look milky. You can prevent the illness by using phenoxyethanol in combination with fish food.

Please take note, the method described below is very risky and can result in death of the fish! Use it only as a last possible solution: The fish should be put in a container with fresh water. The temperature must be the same as in the aquarium. You'll have to keep the fish animated, so that he doesn't ever stop swimming. The parasites will leave the body after 15 – 30 seconds (white secretion). After 30 – 40 seconds, put the fish inside a quarantine aquarium so that he cannot catch the fungus again inside the main tank.

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