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Visit our shop with our coral tank which is over 40 metres long and a unique selection of special corals. Our Whitecorals showroom is on the edge of Stuttgart right on the A81. Here you can select the animals you want from our coral facility which has grown over more than 40 metres. Our almost 20 years of experience in the salt water industry mean that was have the best contacts well beyond just German and can provide you with extensive technical knowledge and rare coral species from around the world. With several direct imports each week, we can always provide you with a large range of corals and accessories at fair prices. Let yourself be impressed by our professional advice and our extensive range of products. The Whitecorals.com team would be delighted to welcome you personally and provide advice.

"The whitecorals.com team is looking forward to welcome you in Stuttgart / Germany!"
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You can get to our shop from the city centre by taking the B10 or by exiting the A81 motorway at the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen exit.


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70825 Korntal Münchingen

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Our Facilities

The first of our LPS tanks is around 4.5 metres long and is mainly used to keep Australian acanthastreas and scolymias. This tank is operated with a high proportion of blue (T5: 60% blue, 40% white) in order to acclimatise the animals carefully. Slightly higher nutrient values give an optimal dispersion of colour. Our LPS corals are regularly fed with Nyos Goldpods and Nyos Reed Pepper.

At just under four metres in length, our SPS tank is operated to keep the colour of small-polyped hard corals with particularly low water conditions. With a strong flow and intensive, white-sensitive T5 lighting, we prepare the imported animals for shipping in an optimal way. We achieve the low equivalents by using Nyos Zero, BioBooster, Bac, Zeo and through regular use of Nyos Active Carb.

Our combined invertebrate and anemone tank has two stories and is around seven metres long. There are various individual tanks in the lower part in which invertebrate animals can be kept carefully in a stress-free environment and sorted by species. The upper storey is primarily provided for anemones.

We keep a large tank which is around ten metres long in another room. It provides room for a large number of other LPS corals such as blastomussas, euphyllias, echinopora and lobophyllias. We also place a high value on alternating flow here, which is applied. Weaker, blue-sensitive lighting reduces the stress on the imported corals and ensures good development of fluorescence.

In a separate room we have designed a tank in which primarily soft corals such as zoanthus are kept. This tank is around eight metres long and is in the same room as the living stones tank. Slightly increased water conditions and regular feeding with Nyos Reef Pepper meet all of the corals' needs.

Our Live Rock Tank has four separate plastic tubs and holds almost 750kg of Live Rock. Our Life Rock are generally handled very carefully and only imported direct and fresh. Using optimised spray techniques, we can achieve excellent quality in the Life Rock.

The irrigation system keeps the stones permanently moist – they are not stored under water. This enables a sufficient provision of oxygen. Furthermore, organic material and sediments which have died on import are sprayed off in an optimal manner.

Unwanted guests such as various worms or crabs are showered off and collect below in a light grid plate on which the Life Rock are kept. The growth and the biological colonisation which is so important for the Life Rock are retained as far as possible in this gentle method.

We regularly import large quantities of fresh and high quality living stones. Large customer tanks both in Germany and abroad have successfully been filled with our premium Live Rock. With our experience and the permanent quality control even on site, the use of our Life Rock can reduce the introduction time considerable and help to avoid problems which may occur later such as phosphate deposits or undesired algae infestations from the start.

All of the animals which are available in the online shop are kept in an eight metre-long tank behind the scenes and sorted according to a system that we developed. In this way, we ensure that you receive exactly the coral that you see on the picture. From special feeds through to careful and professional packaging, these tanks are the jewel in the crown of our online shop.

Before the corals are placed in these tanks, each individual coral is checked for undesired guests such as aiptasias or small worms. As soon as the corals are sold they are carefully and professionally packaged here before they set off on their way to the buyer. We have two separate tanks, each of which is four metres long, which are tailored to the needs of different species of coral.

Our one metre-long show tank is designed as a pool tank which is just 35cm high. Here we present rare corals which we have imported from around the world. Blue-sensitive lighting with Ecotech Radion LEDs combined with the Nyos range of care products and feeds ensured optimal fluorescence and health for the cultivated coral.

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