Vertex ROX 0.8 Activated Carbon

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Vertex ROX 0.8 Activated Carbon

Vertex ROX 0.8 Activated Carbon

Rox 0.8 Activated Carbon is the highest-quality, acid-washed extruded carbon that can be found on the market today.


  • Steam Activated to provide the highest food quality required by the FDA
  • Unbeatable absorption force
  • High mechanical strength and low dust content
  • ROX Carbon offers an improved pore size and structure, which is why it is able to absorb many particles of different sizes
  • ROX: drugs, organic residues, chemicals, dyes, odors and other water contamination are eliminated with these superior absorption capabilities
  • Electrostatic attraction and chemical bonding is used to bind impurities to the pores and the surface of the pellets
  • The low pellet size and high porosity offer a larger surface area and a high absorption rate, which is also required for medical use
  • PH Neutral
  • For use in seawater, fresh water and ponds


  • Iodine number: 1000min.
  • Ball-Pan hardness: 97min.
  • Particle size <0.6mm, MASS%: 0.5max.
  • Iron (ACID EXTR.), MASS%: 0.02max.
  • Humidity (AS PACKED), MASS%: 5max.
  • PH: Neutral


  • Methylene blue adsorption g / 100g: 24
  • Surface area: m² / g: 1225
  • Apparent density / vibration fit: 0.40 g / ml
  • Density, backwashed and dehydrated: 0.35 g / ml
  • Ashes%: ~ 3
  • Calcium (acid extract), mass%: 0.01
  • Chlorine (acid extract), mass%: 0.1

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