Tripneustes sp. - Sea Urchin

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Tripneustes sp. - Sea Urchin


The Sea Urchin (Tripneustes gratilla) is a perfect algae eater so he fulfills a useful function in the aquarium. He is up to 10 cm in size and should be kept in tanks from 300 litres.
In any case there must be enough algae in the aquarium as these are the primary feed of the Sea Urchin. Additionally nori algae, dandelion, salad etc. can be fed.
As with all Sea Urchins it may happen that the Tripneustes gratilla will push or throw down unfixed materials - so coral frags etc. should be fixed well. The Sea Urchin also has a poison sting, which however is usually harmless to humans and aquariums habitants. When introducing the animal it must not come into contact with air.

The most important facts about Sea Urchins at a glance:

Scientific name: Tripneustes gratilla
Popular name: Sea Urchin
Maximum size: 8-10 cm
Minimum aquarium size: 300 litres
Care level: normal
Compatibleness: has sting poison which is usually harmless to humans and aquariums habitants
Keeping: keeping several specimen is possible
Feeding: algae, aditionally e.g. nori algae, dandelions, salad

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