Stenopus hispidus - Banded Boxer Shrimp

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Stenopus hispidus - Banded Boxer Shrimp

The Banded Boxer Shrimp is a beautiful shrimp with large scissors arms. It looks for a cave in the rock and builds a territory there which it defends aggressively against other boxer shrimps - only pairs tolerate each other. However the animals behave peaceful towards other animals. The shrimps should also eat bristleworms - but we can not confirm this safely.

In stress or danger situations the shrimps can shed their scissors - but they grow again within the next moltings. But you should be careful with the translation.

Like all shrimps the animals are sensitive to sudden water fluctuations - please acclimate them slowly!


Scientific name: Stenopus hispidus
Popular name: Banded Boxer Shrimp
Maximum size: 6-8 cm
Aquarium size: from 50 litres
Difficulty: easy
Compatibleness: peaceful
Keeping: single or as pair
Feed: frozen food, flakes or granular food


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