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Sabellastarte sp. - Feather Duster Tubeworm (various)

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You will recieve one tube worm of our choice. Wishes will be followed if possible - use the comment form at the end of your order.

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Sabellastarte sp. - Feather Duster Tubeworm (various)


Feather Duster Tubeworms (Sabellastarte spectabilis) are fascinating aquarium inhabitants with fragile guise. They get about 20 cm long and should be kept in tanks from 50 liters.
The worms will stay in cracks and are best placed alongside corals because they also live there in nature. In case of danger or contact the tube worm retracts into its tube while the tentacle crown disappears.
The diet can be supplemented with plankton, other organic material and powdered food, the tube worms filter the food from the water with the help of the tentacles. Best don’t keep them with too many other animals because they can disturb food intake.
You will recieve one Sabellastarte spectabilis of our choice. The colors range from brown, brown and white to cream-colored or white, very rarely yellow or brown-reddish. Color wishes will be followed if possible - please use the comment form at the end of your order. No guarantuees, though.

The most important facts about Feather Duster Tubeworms at a glance:

Scientific name: Sabellastarte spectabilis
Popular name: Feather Duster Tubeworm
Maximum size: 20 cm
Minimum aquarium size: 50 litres
Care level: normal
Compatibleness: peaceful
Keeping: don’t socialize with too much other animals
Feeding: plankton, powdered food

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