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Our Whitecorals showroom is on the edge of Stuttgart right on the A81. Here you can select the animals you want from our coral facility which has grown over more than 40 metres. Our almost 20 years of experience in the salt water industry mean that was have the best contacts well beyond just German and can provide you with extensive technical knowledge and rare coral species from around the world. With several direct imports each week, we can always provide you with a large range of corals and accessories at fair prices. Let yourself be impressed by our professional advice and our extensive range of products.

The Whitecorals.com team would be delighted to welcome you personally and provide advice.


Dipl.-Kfm. Matthias Kapaun
(Managing Director) – Purchasing and Strategic Planning
Matthias's enthusiasm for salt water aquatics and corals started almost 20 years ago. In 2007, he founded the online shipping company Blackzoas with his brother Christian, specializing in rare zoantharia. In 2010, he co-founded Whitecorals Vertriebs GmbH, which as a result of several expansions has become one of the largest online coral shops in Europe. He manages the business at whitecorals.com and maintains good contacts in the global salt water scene and with a number of exclusive farms and exporters overseas.
Dr. Christian Kapaun
(Management) B2B customer support and marketing
Like his brother Matthias, Christian's salt water career started with Blackzoas, and he made his hobby into his job. He is the first contact point at whitecorals.com for B2B customer support, and also takes care of the marketing.
Steffen Mayer (B.A.)
Head of Sales / Key Account Manager / External Sales Manager
Steffen is an enthusiastic sale water aquarium fan and supports our team since the beginning of whitecorals. Since his successful completion of Business Studies, he took over as the head of sales and key account manager. He also manages external sales.
Sebastian Junghans
Online shop and B2C customer support
After studying biology, Sebastian came straight from Bonn to whitecorals.com. With his excellent technical knowledge in the identification of corals, he is the ideal contact person for our customers. It's thanks to him that we can offer large updates in our online shop each week, since in addition to customer support he is also responsible for the online shop.
Stephan Seitz
Customer support in the shop and tank construction
Stephan has been employed in a number of different specialist salt water shops in the past, so he has a wealth of experience. He is the first contact person for the shop and personal sales. Due to his high level of experience in the construction of tanks, he is also responsible for the planning and implementation of customer aquariums and for optimizing existing tanks.
Dipl.-Biol. Anja Rischawy
Shipping management and B2C customer support
Anja manages and coordinates the shipping of online borders. She works behind the scenes on the best possible storage of the corals which are avaiale for online sale. In addition to this, she also ensures that the corals orders are optimally packaged and are provided to our customers on time and safely. With a degree in biology, she is also in charge of the quality division and organises the quality management.
Dipl.-Biol. Jan Knott
Onlineshop & B2C-Customer Support
Jan is a passionate aquarist. For his thesis, he bred shrimp larvae on Helgoland and worked as a zookeeper at the University of Zurich, where he bred seahorses and pipefish. In Vivarium Karlsruhe he took care of the sea water technology and was able to follow his passion of breeding seahorses. Now at Whitecorals.com, Jan is responsible for coral updates, shippin and customer service.
Andrzej Onichimiuk
Online shop and coral care
Andrzej has been an aquarist since his early childhood. In the past, he managed the aquarium department of a large specialist animal shop and was responsible, among other things, for maintaining a 20,000-litre salt water aquarium. At whitecorals.com, he is responsible for providing coral care and maintaining the online shop.
Zoran Stefanovic
Order processing and shipping
Zoran supports the whitecorals.com team with order processing and shipping.
Elisa Bickel
Shipping & Customer support
Elisa is enthusiastic aquarist and supports our team in personal sales and shipment of corals orders. In addition, Elisa is an excellent cook :-)
Alexander Seitz
Reef tank constructions and planning
There is no mistaking the similarity to his twin brother Stephan. Similarly, Alexander cares about tank construction and cares for the coral facilities. The technical skill and fun of precision here runs in the family.
Frederic Cadera
Frederic is a student of the Technical Biology and enthusiastic aquarist. He supports our team in the delivery of orders coral and acclimatization of imports.
Igor Christ (M.A.)
Dry Goods, hardware and support
Igor cares for the technology section at whitecorals.com. Constantly looking for new and interesting products from the seawater scene he makes sure that they are available for purchase in the online shop.
Frank Pläschke
Accounting and controlling
Frank Pläschke is responsible for the ongoing accounting and controlling tasks at whitcorals.com




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