Nerita polita - Nerite Algae Snail

Nerita polita - Nerite Algae Snail

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Nerita polita - Nerite Algae Snail

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The Nerite Algae Snail (Nerita Polita), which belongs to the genus of limpets, is just like all snails an excellent algae eater and so has an important function for cleaning the aquarium. It constantly nibbles on decoration like stones and frees it from algae deposits. An additional feeding is not necessary.
Nerita polita, that get up to 3-4 cm in size, can be kept in aquariums from 50 litres. They are very easy to care for and should always be kept in groups (about one snail per 10 litres).

The most important facts about Nerite Algae Snails at a glance:

Scientific name: Nerita polita
Popular name: Nerite Algae Snail
Maximum size: 3-4 cm
Minimum aquarium size: 50 litres
Care level: very easy
Compatibleness: peaceful
Keeping: ca. one animal per 10 litres
Feeding: algae, organic waste

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