Lysmata wurdemanni - Peppermint Shrimp

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Lysmata wurdemanni - Peppermint Shrimp


Peppermint Shrimps (Lysmata wurdemanni) are extremely popular in marine aquaristics because they eat harmful Aiptasia. In addition the up to 6 -7 cm large animals are very easy to care for.
The shrimps are quite shy and hide during daytime. Towards other animals they behave peacefully.
Peppermint Shrimps adjust well to tanks from 30 litres. To combat Aiptasia effectiveley, 1-2 animals per 100 litres should be kept – it’s best to introduce them early since the shrimps love to eat small specimens. The diet can be supplemented with frozen food, flakes and granular food. Excessive feeding should be avoided because sated shrimps are also no more hungry on Aiptasia.

The most important facts about Peppermint Shrimps at a glance:

Scientific name: Lysmata Wurdemanni
Popular name: Peppermint Shrimp
Maximum size: 6 - 7 cm
Minimum aquarium size: 30 litres
Care level: easy
Compatibleness: peaceful
Keeping: in groups, 1-2 animals per 100 litres
Feeding: Aiptasia, frozen food, flakes, food pellets

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