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SUPRA ROCKS Live Rock (Premium) - handpicked (per kg)

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SUPRA ROCKS Live Rock (Premium) - handpicked (per kg)

New Shipment: 14th of September 2023

Our popular Whitecorals live rock: Always fresh and perfectly conditioned, great natural cover, porous and with high biological activity. Perfect for setting up or refreshing a reef tank. A "fist-sized" stone has a weight of about 800 grams.

Whitecorals Supra Rocks (Real live rocks: Sceleractinia spp) are extremely high grade live rocks with top quality. They are "handpicked" on site. Due to their low weight they are ideal to construct light reefscapes and daring reef pillars with overhangs and rugged structures. They are the absolutely best live rocks we know, which are also well suited to refresh your tank's biology. Perfectly conditioned in our special live rock facilities.

- high grade, high quality real live rock (Sceleractinia spp) with CITES
- extremely light and porous
- strong calcerous algae cover, often with higher algae as well
- absolute top quality, hand-picked: choosen on site one by one
- collected freshly for us just before the import
- due to the low weight, it is great for daring, airy structures and pillars with overhangs
- available as plates, boulders and extremely rugged pieces in all sizes
- always fresh due to high volume sales
- professionally prepared in our special live rock holding facilities
- the absolutely best live rocks we know
- top price-performance ratio
- individual wishes can be put in the order comments - or send us a draft by email before you order 

General information on the quality of live rocks and our conditioning 

High-quality live rocks are the best basis for a long-term functioning saltwater aquarium. 

We get our live rocks from the tropical seas and we import them in large quantities. Thanks to the bulk orders we receive, on the one hand, the best purchasing prices, in order to allow our customers to furnish their aquariums affordably. On the other hand we can also guarantee fresh rocks due to the ongoing coordination with our exporters, and we can provide all types of shapes, sizes and structures.  

The gentle transport from the export station to our plants is the key to the preservation of the biological diversity that later exercises a decidedly positive impact on the biological balance in your home aquarium. That is why we conduct regular sample tests on location and among the rocks we have imported. Samples are taken from every single import and examined in special tanks to check their influence on the water quality at laboratory level. 

Freshly imported live rocks are characterised by a good growth coverage of macro algae and coralline algae, which are a true indicator of freshness. Especially when setting up a new aquarium, rocks with healthy growth cover provide food competition for many algae that appear particularly in this initial phase, such as thread algae or cyanobacteria. Of much greater importance, however, are the “inner values”: numerous bacteria and microorganisms inhabit the rocks and survive the transportation in small water entrapments. 

Due to their very porous structure, white corals live rocks are ideally suited to setting up saltwater aquariums. This special surface structure means that the rocks are very light and therefore, in view of the price per kilogram, very cheap. The porous structure also provides a very large surface and minute water entrapments in the capillaries, which allows large numbers of bacteria to survive. It also provides a huge amount of space for anaerobic-operating bacteria, which metabolise nitrate and nitrite, thus exerting a decisive influence on the water quality. 

Furthermore, light rocks allow you to create spectacular and natural reef structures. 

Freshly imported vs. preconditioned rocks

We regularly import live rocks in large quantities. As soon as they are unpacked from the import boxes, our live rocks are cleaned thoroughly of any external necrotic shells, sponges or algae. Then the rocks are rinsed thoroughly in saltwater. 

Freshly imported live rocks are especially suitable for setting up a new saltwater aquarium. The reason for this is that the biodiversification is at its highest at the time of import. Freshly imported rocks therefore introduce numerous important microorganisms to the tank. Due to the biomass that is also introduced, bacteria and microorganisms can find food that will increase their reproduction considerably, but which also causes a short-term increase in the nutrient value of the saltwater. 

Therefore, for flowing tanks we recommend acquiring conditioned live rocks around 1-3 weeks after import. After pre-cleaning the live rocks are treated with a special spraying system within a special plant outside the water, which has proven to have many advantages in our long experience. The rocks are moistened with a film of water, meaning that all areas of the rock surface and pores are reached. The oxygen-saturated environment and moist milieu allow bacteria to be preserved and to reproduce optimally. Organic biomass is first rinsed off and then skimmed off, so that sediments, pores and channels are washed perfectly. 

All of this guarantees the excellent quality of the live rocks, even many weeks after import. For setting up or supplementing flowing tanks, white corals live rocks are ideal.

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