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Algae Cleaning Pack - Extreme

EUR 59,90

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This set contains

10 x Nerita polita - Nerite Algae Snail EUR 1,99 - EUR 3,89
1 x Tripneustes sp. - Sea Urchin EUR 14,90
1 x Dolabella auricularia - Sea Hare EUR 24,90
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product description

Algae Cleaning Pack - Extreme

In the case of extreme algae growth with filamentous algae or other annoying green algae, only hungry algae eaters such as sea hares and sea urchins help. Algae-eating snails such as Nerita also help to prevent the algae on the aquarium glass and liverock in the marine aquarium. This combination is suitable for tank of approx. 300 liters or more.

Consisting of:

1x Sea Hare (Dolabella auricularia)

1x Sea Urchin (Tripneustes sp.)

10x Algae-Eating Snail (Nerita sp.)

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