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Beautiful and agile!

 "Often good to keep them solo!" Many wrasses are completely aggressive towards their conspecifics (Please inform beforehand about individual- or group housing of animals) where they are otherwise very easy to maintain.  

Feeding the wrasses

Since they tirelessly search for microorganisms in the reef, few wrasses are natural predators of plagues: The six striped-wrasse for example should prevent the Acropora-turbellaria. Wrasses feed mainly on microorganisms and zooplankton which they hunt in the reef or even by digging in the sand. So food like Mysis, Artemia or Goldpods are suitable in the aquarium. 

Cleaner wrasses

The cleaner wrasse (mostly Labroides dimidiatus) is known to remove parasites (mainly copepods and isopods) from the skin of other fish very careful, so there should be enough „customers“ at all times in the tank. All wrasses are known that they could jump out of the tanks, so please cover your aquarium. 

Order wrasses online – Shipment

We ship stable wrasses from our huge fish facility overnight all over Europe. Please inform before about feed, final size and maintenance conditions for the fish which you would like to order from us. We would be more than happy to help you!
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