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Zebrasoma gemmatum - Gem Tang

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Zebrasoma gemmatum - Gem Tang

Sample picture. Size: about 5-7 cm

Latin Name: Zebrasoma gemmatum
Common Name: Gem Tang
Adult Size: 20 cm - 22 cm
Aquarium size: from 1000l
Feeding: frozen or live food (Mysis, Artemia, Calanus, mussel meat, lobster eggs, zooplankton), algae, salad, dandelion leaves, spinach
Temperature: 24°C - 27°C
Care Level: normal-demanding
Temperament: semi-aggressive

5.01 Review(s)

Wrote by Henrik S. on 23.12.2019

My precioussssss

Bought this supersmall 5cm Gemtang from here. It nipped on rocks and ate flake on arrival, and even though it had some competition from my larger yellow tang, it established itself. Now a few months later, super fat, extremely good coloration and healthy. Love this fish

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