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Chrysiptera Parasema

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Chrysiptera Parasema


Goldtail Demoiselles (Chrysiptera Parasema) are often called little jewels due to their shimmering blue color with the eponymous gold-yellow tail and the small size of 6 - 7cm in adult state.
The robustness and the agile character also contribute to the great popularity of this fish. Although Goldtail Demoiselles are very territorial towards conspecifics and other saltwater fish they are generally less aggressive than other damselfish. The fish feel well as pair or in groups.
To provide Chrysiptera Parasema a species-appropriate home the aquarium should contain at least 200 litres (pair) or 400 litres (group) and have a water temperature between 22 and 28°C. As feed for this omnivorous damselfish frozen or live feed (e.g. Artemia, Mysis, zooplankton) are suitable.
Generally Goldtail Demoiselles are very easy to care for which makes them perfectly suitable for beginners.

The most important facts about Goldtail Demoiselles at a glance:

Latin Name: Chrysiptera Parasema
Common Name: Goldtail Demoiselle
Adult Size: 6 - 7 cm
Aquarium Size: from 200 litres (pair) or 400 litres (group)
Feeding: frozen food, live food (e.g. Artemia, Mysis, zooplankton)
Temperature: 22 - 28°C
Care Level: easy
Temperament: keep as pair or in groups
Notes: very territorial, but not as aggressive as other damselfish

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