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Chromis viridis - Blue Green Damselfish

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product description

Chromis viridis - Blue Green Damselfish


The Blue Green Damselfish (Chromis viridis) is really popular in marine aquaristics thanks to its peaceful behaviour and the simple keeping.
Chromis viridis are approximately 7 to 8 cm tall, outfitted with a magnificent blue-greenish color and have, depending on the light, a nice glimmer. So the Damselfish are a real eye catcher in every marine water tank.
Blue Green Damselfish are very cautious and peaceful and therefore they are compatible with almost all fish, corals and invertebrates.
Moreover they are schooling fish and so it’s recommended to keep them as pairs or in groups.
In addition these animals are very vital and swim tirelessly around in the aquarium - which is particularly beautiful to look at when they are traveling in the swarm.
To offer Chromis viridis best living conditions your reef tank should be at least 200 liters (pair) or 400 liters (group) big, the optimal water temperature is between 22 and 26°C. Moreover the fish need enough hiding places in the reef for sleeping or when they feel in danger.
As feed flakes, pellets, frozen food or smaller live food like Artemia is suitable. Due to the high feed requirement the food should be dosed about multiple times over the day - here an automatic feeder can help. Especially in swarm keeping it’s important to consider the feed frequency because otherwise there may be rivalries within the swarm. Taking this into consideration the Damselfish are also ideal for beginners.

The most important facts about Chromis viridis at a glance:

Latin Name: Chromis viridis
Common Name: Blue Green Damselfish
Adult Size: 7 - 8 cm
Aquarium Size: from 200 litres (pair) / from 400 litres (group)
Feeding: Flakes, pellets, frozen food or smaller live food (like Artemia)
Temperature: 22 - 26°C
Care Level: easy (when high feed requirement is considered!)
Temperament: peaceful, keep as pairs or in groups
Notes: high feed requirements, needs enough hiding places

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