ELOS AquaUnoM 125 ml

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ELOS AquaUnoM 125 ml

ELOS AquaUno M 125 ml

AquaUnoM - bacteria / enzyme complex

It is important that each aquarium has a stable biological ecosystem to avoid major repairs and reduce waste substances that endanger the stability of the aquarium system in a short time. ELOS developed AquaUno to maintain this system, which uses the stability and health of a good culture of bacteria in the filter or substrate, as well as to prevent the excess of organic matter in mature aquariums. It also reduces the nitrogen cycle in new aquariums to prevent the biological oxidation of ammonia to nitrite and then to nitrate so that the introduction of new animals can be carried out faster than usual, without jeopardizing their health and the habitability of their new home.


After regular water changes 10 ml per 50 liters water. When just installed, in heavily occupied aquariums and after treatments apply double the amount.

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