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EcoTech Marine

EcoTech Marine

Ecotech Marine: pumps and LED light at the highest level

For almost 15 years Ecotech Marine sets new standards in advanced aquarium technology. The range of the American company includes for example aquarium pumps, LED lamps and high-quality accessories. Each product is developed with the utmost care to ensure the health of their ecosystem and to preserve the natural beauty of the aquarium landscape. Whether large aquarium or nano tanks - for every aquarist Ecotech Marine has a fitting answer.

Maximum flexibility with the Vectra pump

One of the latest tricks of Ecotech Marine is the innovative Vectra pump. As the smallest centrifugal pump in the world, it can be configured in two ways: In return pumps mode, it offers the opportunity for speed limitation and calibration, as a closed-loop pump it allows random and pulsing modes. In addition, it can be installed inside and outside of the aquarium. The Vectra centrifugal pump can thus customize virtually all needs and offers maximum flexibility.

The Quiet Drive pump - extremely quiet and efficient

The family of the new QuietDrive pumps contrast convinces with particularly low engine volume, which is made possible by the innovative motor driver. Quiet Drive-flow pumps are 90 percent quieter than previous models of VorTech series and have increased efficiency because they consume significantly less power at higher strength. The quality QuietDrive aquarium pumps are available in versions MP10QD, MP10wQD, MP40wQD and MP60wQD.

Innovative Radion LED technology for high performance

In the field of aquarium lighting technology Ecotech Marine can boast the innovative Radion LED lighting that meets all the demands of the modern aquarist effortlessly. The energy-efficient LEDs of Radion models XR15w, XR15w Pro, XR30w and XR30w Pro G3 and G4 cover the entire color spectrum from a large coverage area. All models are compatible with ReefLink and EcoSmart Live, which allows wireless control of the color spectrum and the luminous intensity of their Radion lights.

Practical accessories for coral growing

Ecotech Marine also has some useful accessories and gadgets available that simplify the coral breeding. So the Top quality Coral Propagation Kit provides you examples of all the important tools that you need to increase your coral offshoots. The Elements Coral Glue reliably glues corals and stones above and below water. Furthermore, all important spare parts can be found in the assortment for your Ecotech Marine equipment - from the power supply to the propeller.

Find products now at EcoTech Marine

Browse online now in the high-quality product range of Ecotech Marine and find the aquarium technology that fits you and your saltwater aquarium best. Whether flow pump or LED lighting - with Ecotech Marine, you are always on the safe side in terms of quality, efficiency and at the same time fair prices. You can also serve to boost the health of your coral and fish and the beauty of your marine aquarium with out quality Aquatic products.

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