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Easy reefs DKI marine 1,2 mm mellow pellets 70g

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Easy reefs DKI marine 1,2 mm mellow pellets 70g

Easy reefs DKI marine 1.2mm mellow pellets 70 g

The legacy of Easy reefs Masstick

DKI marine is a balanced diet, developed to satisfy the nutritional needs of omnivorous marine fish in their coral reef habitat.

DKI marine comes in the form of soft pellets with a neutral buoyancy, and an average size of 1.2 mm.


The main component of DKI marine are freeze-dried shrimps (Palaemonetes varians), derived from the company's own Veta de la Palma Fisheries in the Doñana natural area. The microalgae contained in the formula (Nannochloropsis, Tetraselmis, Isochrysis and Phaeodactylum), fatty acids, not completely natural vitamins, functional compounds and bioactive ingredients boost the immune system and overall health of your fish.
Thanks to its essential amino acids, fatty acids and completely biological trace elements this product supports the metabolism of the fish. The morphological and organoleptic characteristics, together with its valuable biological proteins, show that the DKI marine granules are a food system with a holistic approach to feeding your coral reef marine fish.

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