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Dupla Marin Skim Air 500

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Dupla Marin Skim Air 500

Dupla Marin Skim Air 500

The Dupla Marin Skim Air 500 is a CO2 filter for protein skimmers. Skim Air is a carbon dioxide (CO2) adsorber granulate for air filtration, extracts the CO2 from the room air and regulates the pH value in the aquarium to a coral more stable and high level. The algae growth is significantly reduced by the reduction of the CO2 concentration and the higher and stable pH promotes coral growth. The Skim Air 500 contains 500 ml of CO2 adsorber granules and is suitable for aquarium sizes up to 350 liters with an appropriate protein skimmer. The depletion of the CO2 adsorber granules is indicated with a color change. The Skim Air 500 comes with 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm hose connection for all standard protein skimmers and also with a wall bracket.

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