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Sangokai sango nutri-comPlex 250 ml

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product description

Sangokai sango nutri-comPlex 250 ml

Sangokai sango nutri-Complex 250 ml

Component #2 in the START-System (PKB complex).

In most of todays usual artificial design materials phosphate deposits that could become detached during the launch phase back into the water are hardly to find. Phosphate plays an important role for the basin evolution, naturally in a healthy and appropriate concentration range, and is dosed via the sango nutri-Complex without influence on the nitrogen content.

Phosphate deficiency situations in reef aquariums that are seen dominant with ceramics or other man-made materials are avoided by the use of sango nutri-Complex or resolved acute.

In addition to phosphate, the demand for potassium and boron plays an important role for the development and growth of corals. Deficits in the initial phase, but also during operation, can cause metabolic blockages which interfere in the coral development. Therefore, an adjusted amount of potassium and boron is dosed together with energetically effective organic micronutrients for corals. Thus sango nutri-Complex is an extensive influence on the reef aquarium biology and coral care.
Sangokai sango nutri-Complex is a standalone product and can be used in any reef aquarium when needed where nutrient deficiency situations are found. For best results, a use in connection with the Sangokai sango nutri-complete complex is recommended, which also belongs to the START system.


For optimal use the dosage aid in xls-form of Sangokai is recommended, available via this link:

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