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ATI Nutrition C 500 ml

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  • Packaging Size ml: 500ml

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product description

ATI Nutrition C 500 ml

Nutrition C combines two important functions at once:

It reduces too high nutrient levels (PO4, NO3) in a natural and biological way.

It promotes the energy metabolism of corals and microorganisms through the nutrients and care substances it contains.

Nutrition C does not promote the build-up of an unstable biomass (one-sided bacterial proliferation), but deliberately feeds the majority of organisms in your reef aquarium. This stimulates the growth of corals and improves the biological stability of the entire system.

The Nutritions contain numerous vital active substances, which can be used by your reef inhabitants for the production of energy and building materials. This can significantly increase the growth and vitality of your reef dwellers. This is shown among other things by intensive colored corals.

  • Complements the supply of Essentials pro with organic compounds and nutrients.

  • Enables the targeted supply of vital nutrients to corals and actively counteracts nutrient limitations.

  • Actively increases the formation of chromoproteins in corals, improving their coloration.

  • promotes the growth and vitality of all reef dwellers.


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