Red Sea Reefer Peninsula G2+

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product description

Red Sea Reefer Peninsula G2+

REEFER Peninsula G2+

Featuring the 3-in-1 ReefATO+!

These 4 new reef-ready room divider systems allow you to marvel at the beauty of your corals from two long perspectives and include the game-changing ReefATO+, new and improved water management, extra reinforced cabinets, ReefMat-ready tech tanks, 5-year extended warranty and in keeping with REEFER tradition, you can customise your tank with your preferred hardware.

With the REEFER Peninsula G2+ you can create fascinating reef landscapes that give any room a stylish boost. To those of you who have always dreamed of a smaller Peninsula reef: Congratulations! You can now turn it to reality! These popular models are ReefMat-ready and come with the ReefATO+ system.

1. Rimless ultra-clear glass

REEER G2+ Peninsula aquariums are made of ultra-clear glass and an extra thickness of up to 19 mm or 0.75 inch (depending on model).

2. Extra reinforced plywood cabinet

The laminated cabinets to marine specification follow the contour of the glass. They are all reinforced and made of plywood.

3. Two outlets for return pumps

All REEFER Peninsula G2+ models have two return pump outlets, resulting in even better water distribution.

4. Surface Drain​​​​​​​

The piping is hidden in a central overflow box, which has a large-area extractor hood with removable comb sections for easy cleaning.

5. Quiet downflow system

The enlarged rectangular inlet to the downpipe reduces turbulence and facilitates regulation.

6. Hydrodynamically superior pipe system

The hydrodynamically superior return pipework produces a powerful flow all the way to the end of the pool. The pipes are pre-formed with quick couplings at all joints (no gluing required). Bulkhead fittings suitable for both metric and US standard pipework can be purchased separately, allowing you to customise your tech pool piping.

7. High precision valve

All models now have a new and improved high-precision valve on the downpipe, allowing easy flow regulation and virtually silent running.

8. Professional REEF-SPEC technical basin

The professional tech tank includes a removable mechanical filter media compartment (with micron filters and filter cups), an optional refugium compartment, a height-adjustable skimmer chamber for optimal skimmer performance and a bubble trap to prevent air bubbles from returning to the aquarium.

9. ReefMat-ready

The easily removable mechanical filter compartment allows a quick plug & play installation of the ReefMat 500/1200.

10. ReefATO+

All REEFER Peninsula G2+ models are equipped with the ultra-modern ReefATO+, which keeps your water volume and salinity stable and includes accurate temperature monitoring and a highly sensitive leak detector. *Reservoir not included.

11. Cooler & hardware chamber

All REEFER Peninsula G2+ models have an extra chamber that can be used for a cooler, controller and other equipment.

Additional features (Oversized models only; REEFER-S P700 / P950 G2+): 

12. Marine-grade aluminium cabinet

The marine spec case has an interchangeable exterior attached to a superior and robust aluminium superstructure.

13.Reinforced, Internally Framed Aquarium

REEFER-S aquariums have an elegant deep black inner frame that reinforces the 19 mm thick ultra-clear glass.

14. Extension technical tank (S-950 only)

The extension technique tank can be used for a special offshoot tank, a larger refugium or simply for additional filtration. Alternatively, the extension technique tank can be separated from the main technique tank and used as an R/O reservoir or for saltwater changes.

15. Control-Panel

The pull-out control panel offers easy mounting and access for controls and other equipment. *The actual colour of the cabinet interior is black.

15. Control panel

The adjustable feet allow perfect levelling on any surface and are hidden from the outside of the cabinet for a more elegant look.

Technical details:



Peninsula 350 G2+

Peninsula 500 G2+

Peninsula S-700 G2+

Peninsula S-950 G2+

Aquarium legth

96 cm

125 cm

151 cm

200 cm

Aquarium height

60 cm

60 cm

65 cm

68 cm

Aquarium width

63,5 cm

63,5 cm

68 cm

68 cm

Water volume aquarium

278 l

412 l

568 l

757 l

Water volume total system

352 l

519 l

705 l

947 l

Glass thickness

15 mm

15 mm

19 mm

19 mm

Glass type

Rimless glass

Rimless glass

Reinforced frame

Reinforced frame

Cabinet type

Plywood frame

Plywood frame

Aluminium frame + plywood

Aluminium frame + plywood


Not included

Not included



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